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Large firms cost a lot of energy to provide water, gas and electricity throughout the building. How nice would it be if after some time a building produces more energy than it consumes? In Norway, a team is working on a renovation project to achieve the above.


Powerhouse Kjørbo is a renovation project located just outside of Oslo, and will produce more energy than it consumes. It involves two buildings out of the 80’s to be transformed into a energy yielding property. Before these buildings were consuming 250 kwh per square meter. After the renovation the property should provide 200.000 kWh a year, and that is a big difference.

It can produce so much kWh because of the solar panels, special insulation technologies and technologies which creating less need of cooling. Besides the quality of the environment the Powerhouse Kjorbo also contributes to the Quality of Life regarding to material wellbeing. The Powerhouse Kjorbo is cool because it will produce more energy than it consumes, all because of the technological advances of the recent years.