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What is it?
Babylonstoren is a fruit and vegetable garden 60 km near Capetown. It is based on the kitchen garden that the Dutch have constructed during the VOC period. Beside a huge garden with fresh fruits and vegetables Babylonstoren also has two restaurants, a hotel, a bakery, a butchery and a spa.

Why is it cool?
Thisis a cool concept because all of the dishes on the menu are made with products from the garden. Dinner at one of the restaurants is not the only way to enjoy all the fresh fruits and veggies. Guests also are having the permission to crop. 

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Why has it future growth potential?
I think Babylonstoren has future growth potential because the founder (Karen Roos) wants to teach the people where food really comes from by means of the garden. It’s all about the transparency of our food: where did it grow?