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compleat-compleat-foodskin-paars What is it?
The Foodskin flexible lunchbox is a lunchbox that takes up as little space as possible and keeps your bread together. By means of its highly elasticated silicone skin keeps your lunch together the way you want it: how you’ve prepared it that morning. When the lunchbox is empty it gets flat again and even when your bread is still in the lunchbox it wil take up just a little space.

Why is it cool?
Nobody likes to eat his/her bread all flat and crushed. Nobody likes it to gather your spreads because your bread was in a way too big tupperware bowl (that takes a lot of space as well). The Foodskin flexible is cool because it contributes too the Quality of Life. It contributes to the Quality of Life because flat and crushed bread and a way too big lunchbox are such little frustrating irritations which the Foodskin flexible lunchbox provides. 6a00d8341c5dea53ef0192ac933a3d970d-800wiWhy has it future growth potential?
The Foodskin flexible lunchbox has a future growth potential because people want more transparency regarding to food. A result of this is that people make their own lunch to know what they are eating. The Foodskin flexible lunchbox is the ideal outcome to carry your lunch around without flattening your bread. 6a00d8341c5dea53ef0192ac9338eb970dFor more info, click here