What is it?
Hybrid Skins is an exhibition in Enschede (Netherlands) where the progress of genetic engineering and nanotechnology is shown. At this exhibition artists and designers are showing their artistic vision of a future world with new ethical issues and opportunities related to the human body and the imitation of the human body.

Why is it cool?
New developments are always interesting. At this exhibition it is cool to see how people can imitate the human body. They can imitate the body so closely that it seems like the body is really alive. When you are visiting this exhibition the central question is: can we adapt nature to the rapid changes in fashion?

Why has it future growth potential?
Everything in this world will keep on developing, so the human body will keep developing as well. This hybrid skins combine fashion with nanotechnology and cloning. By these new techniques the human body and nature can me copied and personalized.

However, there is a moral question about this hybrid skins: are your body and your genes your own property that you just may copy? This is a moral question because everyone is unique, this can disappear with this new techniques.


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