What is it?
Commuter Suit is a suit, which is developed for people who cycle to work. This suit is designed bij Parker Dusseau. The focus of this suit is movement. By means of special materials Dusseau designs clothes that is more comfortable than normal clothes you wear when you ride a bike. The suits that are produced are still limited editions.


Why is it cool?
This suits are cool because Dusseau has considerd how people transport themselves and which clothes make that more comfortable. The Commuter Suit is made of moisture friendly material with enough spandex that causes flexibility. Besides comfort Dusseau also has reckon with safety. By means of discrete reflective elements on the sleeves and the collar.


Why has it future growth potential?
More and more people take the bike to their work. This is because it’s way more healthy than taking the car or public transport and a lot of people can’t stand overcrowded trains or long traffic jams. However the bike is becoming a more and more used way to go to work, people want to retain their comfort. The Commuter Suit contributes the comfort we had in combination with style and safety.

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