What is it?
Colour me shave is a shaving gel (without foam) and in different colours. The colour of this shaving gel will keep it’s colour and won’t turn out white like most other shaving products. Besides the colour this shaving gel has a moisturizing, nourishing and solidified term function.

Why is it cool?
Colour me shave is cool because it is the only shaving product that truly keeps it colour. For most men shaving is a daily activity. Colour me shave makes shaving more fun by the colour. Nowadays everyone is looking for authenticity. This shaving gel offers authenticity by means of the fragrance and colour. This defines the identity of the men and makes shaving more personal.


Why has it future growth potential?
Colour me shave has future growth potential because everyone wants to be authentic, we want something that defines us. We search for it in everything, big things but also in small, daily products as Colour me shave.

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