What is it?
The Apron Tool Bag looks like a normal bag, but when you unzip it it’s a storage bag for tools. The Apron Tool Bag is designed by Lee Geunwon, Lee Hea Jin and Lee Seung Han. This bag can be carried for convenient access during repair work. 


Why is it cool?
This Apron Tool Bag is cool because it’s multifunctional. It keeps you clean by means of the apron and it keeps all of your tools togheter within fingertips. Men don’t need to carry their toolbox everywhere anymore. Besides that the Apron Tool Bag is very handy and multifunctional it’s also very manly.


Why has it future growth potential?
The Apron Tool Bag has future growth potential because men still desire to their masculinity. In the society we live in men and women are equal in several areas and androgynous occurs more and more. The Apron Tool Bag encourages men to go back to the time where the daily activities of men consist handicraft.

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