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Tell a story

tell-a-story-MSTF-partners-designboom01 Imagine that you’re in a small Portuguese town, on your way to the beach. You didn’t take a book from home. Suddenly you see a little van with a sign on the roof. You decide to take a closer look and see that it’s a travelling bookstore. You buy a book from a Portuguese writer and experience a wonderful day at the beach…

Just a story what can happen if you run across this van. A travelling bookstore called Tell a story. This bookstore makes Portuguese literature more accessible to tourist. The story behind this van is to create a place for visitors where Portuguese literature is still important. Besides the importance of the literature it also is a new cool way to bring books to people instead of getting people to books.

tell-a-story-MSTF-partners-designboom02 Nowadays people want to live back to basic, which is a great opportunity for initiatives like ‘Tell a story’. I’ve seen with my own eyes what the success of a van like this can be. During my last vacation in Portugal I saw a travelling store, also in a van, they sold books, cd’s, movies and coffee.

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