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Interactive window shopping

A change in the future of retail: interactive window shopping! Interactive window shopping is not particularly new because the brand Ralph Lauren already developed one. However, scientists in Fraunhofer Institute for Telcommunications are trying to bring interactive window shopping to a new level by means of working on a more hi-tech version.


The term ‘window shopping’ will get a whole different meaning. The interactive screens can follow your hand gestures which makes it possible to collect your items on the screen. But that’s not all: the screen also remembers what the most purchases have been and shows you the latest trends related on shopping! What also is a fun fact is that you can even shop after the physical shop has closed which gives you a 24/7 shop experience!

 We already see that the past few years online retail is in attendance. With interactive window shopping retail has the potential to be much more digitized in the future.

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