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Ecologic camping Palulu

This all-eco camping is located in an hour away from the bustling Paramaribo yet right in the jungle. It’s the only camping in the country which makes it a niche because in Suriname the tourism is still limited compared to other countries.

Everything is ecologic: there is no electricity, no hypermodern kitchen and for the sanitation there is only a little building. It’s all about the experience of the nature. The nature wakes you up, and the nature brings you to sleep. During your stay you can go on a caiman tour and you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of the nature. You will sleep in a hammock in a pinahut.

Hammock's at Palulu

Palulu definitely has future growth potential because it is back to basic and it gives you the opportunity to experience the nature during your spare time. Especially for people who don’t have the jungle next door it would be an amazing experience.

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